What a glorious day to go birding!! Sorry there weren't more folks on our
field trip today even after Teressa posted it through the Indian River
Audubon listgroup.

The leader, Teressa Fiorillo, met me, myself and I, the ONLY participant at
Denny's this morning at the (late) hour of 8am. We waited patiently until
8:10am and besides running into Doug Stuckey who was there for another
meeting, we saw no one else and decided to head up the road.

About 45 mins later we arrived at Mead Gardens in Orlando (near where SR 15
and SR 50 intersect). the oaks over the parking lot sounded of BGGCs and
there were some other chips as well but at that time we couldn't see the
vocalists. this is a Great park with a well running stream, a boardwalk,
small pond, cypress trees and oaks, and apparently a swamp that we did not
get to today. One of the trip highlights was watching 5, yes 5, river otters
feeding and playing in the stream.

We had 11 species of warbler, thanks in part to Bryan C., a local we met
about midway through the morning. In all I think we had 43 species just in
(with 2 above) the area of the park we had time to see. this total also incl.
4 woodpecker species.

Anhinga - 2
Great Egret - 1
Great Blue Heron - 2
Tricolored Heron - 2
Little Blue Heron (white phase) -1
Wood Stork - 2
Wood Duck - 5
Turkey Vulture - 1
Cooper's Hawk (probable. Came zinging through about 20/25 ft. high in the
Mourning Dove
Eurasian Collared Dove
Barred Owl (sleeping in a cypress)
hummingbird sp. -2
Red-bellied WP.......several
Pileated WP - 1
Downy WP - 1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - 2
Eastern Phoebe
Empidonax sp.
House Wren
Carolina Wren
Swainson's Thrush (FL bird for me) - 1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet........2
White-eyed Vireo......a few
Blue-headed Vireo......1 or 2
American Redstart......
Yellow-throated W.......2
Black & White W........about 7
Yellow-rumped W........fairly numerous
Palm W.........numerous
Common Yellow-throat......somewhat common
Magnolia Warbler.....1
Blackpoll W.......3-5
Pine W.......a few
Tennessee W......1
Ovenbird (not a great look, would not come out for anything)
Common Grackle

Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL
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