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I'm sorry if this post is off-topic, but this deserves everyone's attention.
Don't let this bird go the way of the Bachman's Warbler!

Public Has 90 Days to Weigh-In on Including the Species on Endangered List

The U.S. Fish
Wildlife Service (USFWS) has opened a 90-day comment period
to allow the general public to provide information on listing the cerulean
warbler as "threatened" on the Endangered Species List. This is a positive
step towards getting this songbird the protections it needs to survive!

The comment period will close on January 21, 2003.

The cerulean warbler - a small woodland songbird known for its bright blue
plumage and distinctive song - was once common in eastern forests. But over
the last 30 years, the species has declined more than 70%, and 80% in the
core of its range! Cerulean warblers range across eastern North America, from
the Great Plains, north to Minnesota, east to Massachusetts, and south to
Louisiana. It breeds primarily in the Ohio and Mississippi River basins - and
spends winter months in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Unfortunately, due to habitat destruction in both its breeding and wintering
ranges, primarily because of development, logging, roadbuilding and, more
recently, mountaintop removal mining, the cerulean warbler has become one of
the fastest disappearing birds in the United States!

Now the general public has until January 21, 2003 to provide additional
information to the USFWS as to why the cerulean warbler should be included as
"threatened" on the Endangered Species List. Such listing will provide the
species protections under the Endangered Species Act and an earnest effort at
recovering the species can begin. If you have information on present or
threatened destruction or modification of cerulean warbler habitat, or other
information illustrating the need to protect the species, please do not miss
this opportunity to share it with the USFWS! Be sure to submit your comment
by the January 21 deadline! Comments and any supporting materials should be
directed to:

Field Supervisor, Ecological Services Field Office,
U.S. Fish Wildlife Service,
608 East Cherry Street, Room 200,
Columbia, MO 65201,

or FAX: 314-876-1914.

For more information on the
process, log onto the USFWS website at:

Brian Monk, DVM
Destin, FL
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