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This is Brian Ahern reporting a SPECIAL Florida Rare Bird Report for
11/20/02. This report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers
tours to the Dry Tortugas, South Florida, and private guiding. For
information go to or call 407-363-1360.
Reports are followed by coordinates from the DeLorme Florida Atlas &
Gazetteer and the page number of Bill Pranty's ABA guide "A Birder's Guide to
Florida" when possible.

The "Viera" Swallow is now believed to be a MANGROVE SWALLOW, first found on
Monday 18th by Murray Gardler at the Viera Wetlands. The bird was seen again
on Tuesday (D. Simpson, B. Ahern & J. Hintermister) and is currently still
being seen today (L. Atherton & J. Gaetzi). From I-95 in Brevard County take
Exit 73 west (Wickham Rd.) proceed to the end of the road and turn left into
the Sewage Treatment Plant. You MUST sign in at the building on the left, and
then proceed straight out onto the dike. Turn left on the dike. For the last
several days the Mangrove Swallow was seen with CAVE SWALLOWS of the Mexican
race flying around a concrete structure on the right side of the dike. For a
more current location of the Swallow ask at the office when you sign in. The
Mangrove Swallow is easily distinguished from all other Swallows in the area
by it's complete white rump. If the ID proves to be correct and accepted this
would be a first record for North America! Delorme pg. 88 grid 1, C.

Good Birding!

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Brian Ahern
Tampa, FL.
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