OK guys.

I'm new in this state, and I have received some formal education in

I'm going to say something now that's probably going to anger not a few

This bird must be collected.

Firstly, the idea that it could be a Chilean, White Rumped, or Tumbes
Swallow, not to mention a Violet-Green or a Mangrove, is still up in the air.

Four of these five are North American FIRSTS.  VGSW is a Florida FIRST.

We should not take the chance that the next big cold front will blow this
bird back to where ever it came from, not without a positive ID.

Secondly, EVEN IF a positive ID can be made (remember, CHSW and WRSW cannot
be seperated in the field with 100% accuracy), then the bird should be
collected BECAUSE it is a North American first, and this demands a specimen.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, but collection of material is a
necessary evil in the world of ornithology.

Brian Monk, DVM
Destin, FL
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