I received an email today from Craig Helpling, the project manager for the
Viera Wetlands.  I am passing this on to all who will be coming to look for
the bird.  He wrote:

Our Director, Mr. Dick Martens, asked me to convey to you that we have found
it necessary to temporarily modify our public access policies at the wetland
site.  Due to the significantly increased interest this sighting has created,
we have become concerned for the safety of the visitors and for possible
damage to the earthen berms.  We understand the public's interest and do not
wish to prohibit any oppportunity to view this special visitor, but we feel
it necessary to put some safety measures in place.  Starting this afternoon,
we are limiting driving access onto the shell road berms.  Visitors will be
allowed to park in the normal parking area and along the northern fence on
the property north of that berm.  We believe there will be ample room to
accommodate visitor vehicles in those areas.  For visitors with access needs,
we will allow vehicles with an appropriate handicapped parking hangar to take
their vehicles onto the berm road.  We will have staff at the entrance to the
berm road to assist with this special access.  We wanted you to know what we
are doing, because we realize it may be difficult to convey this to all of
the local visitors who have freely accessed the site in the past.

Thanks again for your assistance this morning.  If we can assist you in any
way, please contact me.

Craig L. Helpling
Project Manager

The county personnel have gone to great lengths to accommodate the birders
and they deserve many thanks.

Nedra Sekera
Melbourne FL

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