Beautiful day.  Sunny, winds W 5-10 mph, sunny, mid-50's to low-60's.

Birded Rocky Bayou/Fred Gannon St Park, Ft. Walton landfill & sparrow/vagrant
trail, Ft Walton Spray Fields & Holding Pond, Mama Rosa/County Ponds, Destin
Bridge, various other sites.

It was my B-Day, so I went birding ALL day.

106 Species!

Big Hits included:

Eared Grebe - FWB Holding Pond
N. Gannet - 1st Year, FOTS
Black-Crowned Night Heron
Snow Geese (3 juv, 4 adult) - Mama Rosa Pond
4 Gr Scaup - Mama Rosa Pond
Red Breasted Merg
Dowitcher sp. - flew off before I could get a good look - Mama Rosa Pond
Pectoral SP - Mama Rosa Pond
GC Kinglet - Rocky Bayou and Vagrant Trail
Winter Wren - Vagrant Trail
Cedar Waxwing - FOTS, 3 flocks at Rocky Bayou
N. Rough Winged Swallow

Hermit Thrush - not one, not three, but 14(!) at Rocky Bayou, 3 more at other
locales.It        seems that several species are making a real push into
Florida and the south this year.  Song Sparrow, Eastern Phoebe, GC Kinglet,
and Hermit Thrush being the hopeful vanguard of what may yield Siskin, Purple
Finch, Evening Grosbeak, or several of the other birds that I am used to
seeing that have now been relegated to my wish list.

Clay Colored Sparrow - Adult, Vagrant Trail, with Chippies

and last, but not least!

Swainson's Thrush - making it's whit call, and an appearance for the trip at
Rocky Bayou.

Big Misses include:

Snowy Egret
White Fronted Goose
N. Harrier
Ruddy Turnstone
Western SP
Bonaparte's Gull
Black Skimmer
C. Ground Dove
Key West Quail Dove (pay attention!!)
Groove Billed Ani
Red Headed WP
Pileated WP
Vermillion, Ash-Throated, and Scissor Tailed FC
Barn Swallow
Am Pipit
Nelson's ST SP

If only four of these birds had shown up!  Or any of the staked out vagrants!

Good Birding!

Brian Monk, DVM
Destin, FL
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