Hi Meret and all,
I can remember when seeing a Swainson's Hawk out at the Duda Ranch (adjacent
to the now swallow site) was pretty much expected during the winter months.
They have become pretty unusual now.

The key to having a sighting accepted is good documentation.  If a sighting
is written up properly on the form provided and there are enough field marks
to make an ID the form would most likely be forwarded on.  So keep looking at
those raptors.

About six or seven years ago Ed Slaney and I had a rough-legged hawk on our
CBC.  We never saw the front view of the bird, only flying away from us
although we spent about 45 minutes chasing it.  We submitted the only details
we had as well as a pretty crude (mine) drawing but it was enough to be
accepted.  Lacking pictures, just do the best you can.

Nedra Sekera
Melbourne FL

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