Mr. Taylor,
    First I must say that I was born and raised in Vero Beach.  What a beautiful town.  
    Second, judging from your choice of font, you are more than dismayed about your perception of me flushing the bird.  Let me say emphatically, that I never once intentionally flushed or bothered the bird.  I work in the environmental field and was on the way to the other side of the lake conducting scientific research.  It is not my fault that we accidently flushed the bird when at our first stop, then it flew to where we were going and only to find it in our way again when we returned.  His feeding station seems pretty well established and I suspect it will reside in Lake Jackson for some time.   Compared to a waste water treatment plant, this place is paradise.  
    I was hesitant to report my sighting and experience to this group because of its large membership and the possibility of negative reactions similar to this one.  Please don't be so quick to judge until you have all the facts.  Remember that I flagged a trail to the godwit's location and I don't plan to survey that area (by truck) again until I know that it has left the area.  If you are planning a visit, I will be happy to show you and others around.  

Michael Hill

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  How many more times do you plan to flush the bird?
  Jack Taylor Vero Beach

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