What is an IEP?

At 10:15 AM 11/15/02 -0600, you wrote:
I am looking for input in what others have in a student's IEP.  We are
getting our program up and running with help from a Title V grant.  I
currently am working on putting a file together for each developmental
student.  So far, I have their degree plans and their TASP history.  My
dean would like a generic cover sheet, which I can put together.  Is
there anything else, that you would advise or suggest for the file.
 This is a new position and service.  So, I am starting from scratch.  I
appreciate any help you may give me in this matter.  Please feel free to
contact me.  This listserv has been very helpful and I thank those of
you who contribute.

Tasha R. Bates
Academic Center for Excellence Coordinator
Southwest Texas Junior College
Del Rio Campus
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