Greetings, all

Today you received a message from Guillermo Uribe, the original and only
owner and manager of LRNASST.  He has been a faithful and consistent guide
and guardian for all of us during this amazing journey from the beginnings
of "what's email" to "online tutoring".  As his colleague and as his boss,
I want to publicly thank him for the time and attention he has dedicated
to this component of professional development for all of us in the field
of learning assistance.

As Guillermo stated in his message, our University Learning Center --
like many across the country-- faces an unknown future driven by dramatic
economic changes facing the state university system in Arizona. What we do
know is that both students and faculty recognize the value of the programs
and services we provide and that our energies are committed to continuing
these efforts in the most effective and efficient ways possible. This
means that all of my staff must be prepared for potential
changes/additions in our assignments and responsibilities. And this is why
Guillermo must seek new management for LRNASST.

I am proud of the fact that the University Learning Center -- and
Guillermo in particular--has been instrumental in supporting the national
conversation about issues related to learning support centers in higher
ed. As he searches for the next generation of LRNASST managers, just know
that we will always be online to be part of the discussion.

:) sm

Sylvia Mioduski, Director
University Learning Center and Freshman Year Center
Interim Director, Office of Academic Services

University of Arizona
Old Main 202 -- PO Box 210021
Tucson, AZ  85721-0021

(520) 621-9363 (voice)
(520) 621-5015 (fax)
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