I just joined this listserv about an hour ago, so I apologize if I am
beating a dead horse by asking about the following topic.  The mother of an
incoming special needs students came in last week to ask if we used the
"Wynn" program here.  Apparently it is a program that facilitates the
reading of a text book to a student, via his/her computer.  She said other
(bigger) schools they had been to use it.  It sounds like the book gets
scanned into something and then the student is able to pop in a disk and
listen to his text book.  I'm sure this is probably very popular.  Can
anybody give me any information about it, or something like it?  Currently
we go through Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic which is not optimal for
college students who need books in a hurry.

Oh, by the way, I'm Rhonda Linseman, TLC director and special needs
counselor at Northwood University (small private business school in the
woods in Midland, Michigan).


Rhonda Linseman
Timberwolf Learning Center Director/
Special Needs Counselor
Northwood University
' (989) 837-4463
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