Dear Colleagues. You may be interested in an email that I sent to Judith
Boettcher, Executive Director of CREN -- an association that is hosting on
the Internet a discussion of Online Teaching/Learning.

"Judith, thank you for the opportunity to recommend 'next generation tools
for teaching and learning.' My wish list relates to learning support for
online students -- something that I do not find in online courseware or
discussed at any length in online literature. The emphasis seems to be on
teaching even when the word 'learning' is a part of the phrase, "teaching
and learning."

"I am one of many learning support professionals who wish that every online
course had imbedded in it some JIT tutorials to assist students with any
problems that they may have with learning and study strategies. I would like
to see a 'Virtual Learning Support Center' attached to every course -- a
center where students could get help with time management, task
organization, study-reading, writing essay answers and research papers, note
taking, study environment hints, and  writing  and math.

"I would also want learning support professionals who have online experience
to be a part of the instructional design and course development team so that
these skills can be embedded in a course or linked to a course assignment
when it seems that a learning or study skills problem may occur.

"My apology for this long explanation. I do want to see that online students
have available appropriate and immediate help in all their courses. I feel
that this might make a difference in retention rates, student success, and
student satisfaction.     Collegially.......Frank L Christ"

I received an email response from Judith Boettcher today that indicated that
my"wish" for a Virtual Learning Support center will be included as a
question to Charles Kerns in the session today!

 If you are interested, go to   for a live audio of
Charles Kerns (Stanford University) discussing "Course Management Systems
and Learning Tools." Hopefully, my question will be read and responded to.
This live audio starts at 3:45 PM Eastern Standard Time. I hope that you
will try to be there to see if our learning support for online students is
mentioned.   Collegially.......

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