Thank you, Guillermo, for your many years of service to this list and to the
profession, and for being so tactful and thoughtful in your approach to these

Jeanne Higbee

Guillermo Uribe wrote:

> Hi all,
> It seems that we all are going through turbulent times. Our University
> Learning Center is no exception. We are going through uncertain times and
> face some radical changes. What is certain is that my duties within the
> Center have been changing steadily over time and that this round of changes
> will move me further into other things.
> Thus I have decided to step down as LRNASST owner as of January 31, 2003.
> I will ask that some of you, preferably more than one, step forward to take
> the responsibility for owning and managing the list. In preparation for the
> change, and to make life easier for whoever takes on the list, I have
> initiated the following changes in the operation of the list:
> I have established a renewal policy which will start on November 15, 2002,
> and will continue on a yearly basis thereafter. I have also established an
> auto-delete process that will automatically un-subscribe accounts that are
> disabled, or no longer exist.
> I have also developed a "Terms of Use" statement that will establish some
> limits in the use of the list. This new terms of use statement will be
> distributed to all on November 15 during the renewal process, and will be
> presented to every new subscriber as part of his/her
> confirmation.  Confirmation in both cases signifies acceptance of the terms.
> I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in taking this duty to
> contact me so we can get started in the transition.
> It has been an interesting ride. Thanks a lot to all of you.
> Guillermo Uribe Ph.D.
> Manager, Learning Technology and Information Systems
> University Learning Center, Freshman Year Center
> Old Main 202
> 520.621.5983
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