As always, I appreciate the wisdom of Frank Christ.

We are ready for some online testing of a new assessment C. E. Weinstein has
developed for students taking online courses.  If anyone would like to
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Robert Hackworth
H&H Publishing

> Dear Colleagues. You may be interested in an email that I sent to Judith
> Boettcher, Executive Director of CREN -- an association that is hosting on
> the Internet a discussion of Online Teaching/Learning.
> "Judith, thank you for the opportunity to recommend 'next generation tools
> for teaching and learning.' My wish list relates to learning support for
> online students -- something that I do not find in online courseware or
> discussed at any length in online literature. The emphasis seems to be on
> teaching even when the word 'learning' is a part of the phrase, "teaching
> and learning."
> "I am one of many learning support professionals who wish that every online
> course had imbedded in it some JIT tutorials to assist students with any
> problems that they may have with learning and study strategies. I would like
> to see a 'Virtual Learning Support Center' attached to every course -- a
> center where students could get help with time management, task
> organization, study-reading, writing essay answers and research papers, note
> taking, study environment hints, and  writing  and math.
> "I would also want learning support professionals who have online experience
> to be a part of the instructional design and course development team so that
> these skills can be embedded in a course or linked to a course assignment
> when it seems that a learning or study skills problem may occur.
> "My apology for this long explanation. I do want to see that online students
> have available appropriate and immediate help in all their courses. I feel
> that this might make a difference in retention rates, student success, and
> student satisfaction.     Collegially.......Frank L Christ"
> I received an email response from Judith Boettcher today that indicated that
> my"wish" for a Virtual Learning Support center will be included as a
> question to Charles Kerns in the session today!
> If you are interested, go to
>   for a live audio of
> Charles Kerns (Stanford University) discussing "Course Management Systems
> and Learning Tools." Hopefully, my question will be read and responded to.
> This live audio starts at 3:45 PM Eastern Standard Time. I hope that you
> will try to be there to see if our learning support for online students is
> mentioned.   Collegially.......
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