With all the questions regarding this listserv, I thought that it might be
an opportunity to remind you all that on LSCHE you will find the procedures
for subscribing, unsubscribing, etc. It may be that some of the material
there needs revision but, after checking with Guillermo, I believe that the
basic instructions are still

Please remember that LSCHE is your portal for most information relating to
learning support centers in higher education and LRNASST is one of the few
lists that you have to dialogue with your colleagues. Also, remember that
LSCHE is one of the few web portals that offers a Search Box on its splash
page. This Search Box allows you to type in the word or phrase for which you
want information and it will offer you a clickable link to any page in LSCHE
where that word or phrase is located.  I use this function frequently to
access learning assistance information quickly.

LSCHE is designed to help you access quickly the information that you need
as a learning support center person. LRNASST is a dialogue function for all
of us in learning assistance and developmental education. Please consider it
as your Knowledge Management Assistant for learning support centers in
higher education.

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