I am in the process of defending a proposal to establish a credit class
designed to train what we call Educational Assistants in our program.  They
are a combination of Mentor and Supplemental Instruction Leaders who are
assigned 10 freshmen (family groups) for whom they are responsible for
freshmen year.  These students register for a common class and have a
regularly scheduled family time (2hr block) during which SI is conducted.
They also meet for individual tutoring in math,writing, study techniques
etc.  Social activities are also a part of their family work.

If anyone has any recommendations or samples of curriculum/training/syllabi
they can share I would greatly appreciate it. In the past the students wre
trained over 4-5 full days.  I include SI, mentoring, some aspects of
student development theory, group dynamics, history of our institution,
philosophical framework of our  program, socio-economic isues with first
generation and underserved populations, ethics and confidentiality, etc. We
also support their work throughout the year with weekly workshops and
discussions.  There are 40 EA's and 4 professional staff who support them.

The training is pretty intense with lots of area to cover which is why we
would like to spread it out over a semester.  This would allow for more in
depth learning and discussion as well as lots more practice simulations.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Miguel Acosta
College Enrichment Program
University of New Mexico

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