Dear Colleagues,

The Nat'l Better Business Bureau recently adopted consumer guidelines for
those receiving tutoring assistance that may have legal implications for colleges
and universities nationally.  The standards are entitled: "National Better
Business Bureau Trade Practice Standards and Professional Guidelines for
Educational Tutoring."  130 NBB units nationally are disseminating these
standards to consumers.  Your local NBB may be able to provide a copy or
you can contact James E. Baumhart, President and CEO
                       Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois

We discovered the standards in a new book entitled Tutor Quest by Dr.
Edward E. Gordan ISBN 0-87467-840-0  e-mail [log in to unmask]

The guidelines are focused on supervision, tutor training, and reporting on
student progress.  A special focus is made on students providing private
tutoring for hire.  It may serve you well to obtain a copy.

Keep a clear focus on training of your tutor employees.  These standards may
make it more critical that we insure that our tutors are trained to be more
effective in the tutoring services they provide..

Peter W. Stevens, President
The Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute
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(800) 466-2232
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