Colleagues, I am forwarding this call for proposals as an opportunity for
you to tell others how your learning support center partners with an
institutional orientation program. If you feel as I do that every college or
university orientation program ought to have a learning support center
component and your institution does, please consider submitting a proposal
to either FYE West or FYE Atlanta.          Collegially........

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Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 1:13 PM
Subject: FYE Annual & West proposal deadlines extended

> Announcement . . . proposal deadlines have been extended and proposals
> are still being accepted through November 15th for both:
> The 2003 First-Year Experience Conference West
> January 26 - 28, 2003
> Costa Mesa, CA
> and
> The 22nd Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience
> February 21-25, 2003
> Atlanta, GA
> For more information on the conferences, preconference workshops,
> session proposals, registration and other information, visit our web
> site at:
> You can submit a proposal online or print out the form and fax your
> proposal to the Center at (803) 777-4699.
> Please pardon any cross posting duplicates you may receive of this
> message.
> We hope to see you in Costa Mesa and/or Atlanta!
> Stuart Hunter, Director
> Nina Glisson, Conference Coordinator
> National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience & Students in
> Transition
> University of South Carolina
> 1629 Pendleton Street
> Columbia, SC  29208
> phone (803) 777-6229  --   fax (803) 777-4699
> web
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