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For the Skills Center at Fullerton (Community) College, I have been thinking of purchasing a program that assesses student study skills or behaviors.  Currently one Study Skills course uses an old measure, the Cassip Survey.  This would probably replace the Cassip and be advertised to instructors in all disciplines on campus.

I have recently come upon the "Study Behavior Inventory" produced by Andragogy Associates, and this looks like just the thing.  It measures behavior, not skills, for example.  However, I know that there are several similar products for sale and even for free.

My questions to you are 1) What similar instrument are you using and how well does it work for your purposes?  and 2) For those of you who have experience with the Andragogy SBI, how much do you recommend it?


John Orr
Academic Support Programs and Services
Fullerton College
Fullerton, CA

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