For those of you who are interested in the role that technology may have in the future of our teaching and student learning support, a new section has been added to the Resource, Online Teaching/Learning. This section will link to articles that look at the future and what technology may bring to our teaching and student learning support programs and services. One of the articles was authored by our own technology expert, Dr. David Caverly (Southwest Texas University) who is the founder and director of T.I.D.E., a summer institute that prepares learning assistance professionals and developmental educators for that future.
To access the new section, go to and choose Online Teaching/Learning Future Scenarios. While you are in LSCHE, look at the other sections of Online Teaching/Learning. If this is your first time in LSCHE, look at the list of Resources available to you on this web portal. In addition, if you want to get a jump start on what learning support centers are doing online, choose "Next WI" from the splash page to view the program of the Winter Institute that will be held in Tucson, January 5-8, 2003.
To access the T.I.D.E web page, go to   T.I.D.E. is held in San Marcos, TX from July 28 to August 1, 2003.                      Collegially........ 
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