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Dear all,
I've been working on a system to support the development of social
networks among special education teachers, but the challenge is to get
them motivated enought to actively participate. In particular, my
research has to do with their motivations to become active participants
of such social network.

I looked at different motivation models, and it boils down to two
models: self-interest (utilitarian behavior: cost/benefits) and
altruistic (usually driven by empathy) behaviors. In this work,
nevertheless, I argue that there is another component related to the
social interaction (or social influence) that motivates prosocial
behavior in social networks.

So, I wonder whether any of you knows about any work on motivation and
active participation in social networks. Any feedback would be greatly
appreciated. If I get enough responses I can summarize and send back to
the list.

thank you much,

Doctoral Candidate
Computer Science and Cognitive Science
University of Colorado Boulder

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