Hey guys!

Here is an important message from Ms. Jordan!!!

As for the meeting time on Jan.5th, I'm not sure we set a time.  I THINK we decided to discuss a time later...but I'm not sure.  Maybe one of you guys can e-mail the list-serv if you remember.


From: Jordan Kim L <[log in to unmask]>
To: "[log in to unmask]" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: HOSA
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 13:10:50 -0500
Neesha, Please forward to all members:
Hi Hosa members:
I have affiliated us!! We are now officially a new chapter. I have a 30
day grace to send in our fees but from past experience I know that we can
take longer which will give us some time to get our financial ducks in a
Our first fundraiser will be gift wrapping Dec. 22, 23 and 24 at the Goody's
store in Lake City. Neesha, Nisha and Sona (the Patel's) will be handling
this but could use help from others if you can make it. Goody's provides
the boxes but we have to provide wrapping, bows and tape. I will assist on
the 22nd but am unable to go the other days because I have to work.
We scheduled our next meeting for January 5th at my house. I have promised
to feed you. I cannot remember if we set a time.....Neesha help me out
here. Please call me to RSVP (352-378-7683 or at work 334-0217) if you can
make it so I can plan the right amount of food or if you have any special
dietary requests.
I received the SLC packet today. The most pressing deadline is 1/8 for Pin
and tee shirt design contests. Let me know if you are interested. I will
go over the rest of the packet with you at the meeting on the 5th.
Below will be directions to my home. Have wonderful, restful holidays.
Kim Jordan
Directions to Kim Jordan's home:
From campus: Newberry road to 43rd street. Proceed north on 43rd. Cross
8th ave, 16th, 39th and 53rd (all lights) continue north past Talbot elem
and the TV 20 station and round the curve until you come to NW 73rd. This
is the entrance to Blues Creek. Turn left onto 73rd and drive into the
Blues Creek subdivision. DO NOT TURN INTO STERLING PLACE. Once in Blues
Creek make the 1st left onto NW 52nd Terrace. Third house on the
left--house number 7301. From Lake City 1-75 south to the Alachua/441exit.
Left towards gainesville. Proceed to the 43rd street cutoff. Right on 43rd
to the entrance to blues creek. Turn right and proceed into the blues creek
subdivision. Turn left on NW 52nd terrace third house on the left.

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