I work in an environment where I am a government contractor and am required
to comply with both the GRS and the FAR.  I contend there is a conflict.

Lee Michael, CRM
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
(A US Department of Energy laboratory, operated by a contractor)

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Your example of 'conflicting' requirements are discussing two different
things.  The FAR reference talks about "contractor records", i.e.: the
retention requirements for government contractors.  See quote below:
"Subpart 4.7-Contractor Records Retention
4.700 Scope of subpart.
This subpart provides policies and procedures for retention
of records by contractors to meet the records review
requirements of the Government. In this subpart, the terms
"contracts" and "contractors" include "subcontracts" and

and the GRS reference is for government agency records:
"Agency procurement and supply records document the acquisition of goods and
non-personal services, controlling the volume of stock on hand, reporting
procurement needs, and related supply matters which are part of daily
procurement operations."

(This shows the importance of reading up to the top of the relevant

The thoughts expressed here are my own.

Trish Broud
SRA, International
Rockville, MD
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Lee said:

In support of Peter's scenario, I am fairly sure of a direct conflict
between the NARA-issued General Records Schedule 3 and the Federal
Acquisition Regulation regarding the retention of routine procurement files.
GRS Schedule 3, item 3 is available for review at:  The FAR citation of part 4.705-3(f) is
available for review at:

Basically, the GRS has identified retention to be either 3 years or 6 years
and 3 months.  The FAR states a retention of 4 years.  So, who takes
precedence, NARA or OMB?  Both are federal agencies, both have
responsibility to set retention policy, and both have.  But they contradict
each other...

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