PeterK wrote:
>I, too am unaware of a regulation or statute that
explicitly requires the destruction of records...

Gun registration records have typically required destruction at the end of a
particular retention period. Juvenile criminal records have had similar
requirements, although this is becoming less the case as juveniles get
increasingly treated like adults by the criminal justice system, and the
idea of starting with a clean slate at the age of majority has been replaced
by a perceived need for continued accountability, due to high rates of

What's interesting about these requirements is how controversial they can
be, and how closely they are tied to differing perceptions of individual
rights verses societal protection. For example, enter "gun registration
destruction" into Google and you will get 25,500 opinions on the subject.
Both issues are similar in that the required destruction is seen as an
element in protecting individual rights, while the ongoing maintenance of
the records is seen as protecting a larger social order, perhaps at the
expense of the individual. I bet you'll start seeing this issue crop up with
library circulation records. My guess is required destruction will also be
seen as a potential component in privacy protection, if it isn't already.

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