Many of you have expressed an interest in microfilm.
We are trying to sell a lot of it CHEAP and it has never been used.
Individual rolls will fit in your Xmas stocking; unless of course it's
already filled with coal.

Sorry Allen; I just could not let this one pass.

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> Date: 12/6/02 2:13:51 PM
> Subject: Christmas Gift: Kodak Document Archive Writer
> Seasons Greetings folks,
> Many of you have expressed interest in the Kodak Document Archive Writer
> 4800. If anyone is looking to purchase one of these pricey units, you
> may be interested to know we have a brand new one we are trying to sell
> CHEAP that has barely been used! So if you would like one of these units
> at a steep discount, please contact me directly.
> Info on it can be found at:
> It's a bit big for a stocking stuffer, but would look great under any
> record manager's tree!
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