I'm curious to see if anyone has any input on a question I received from
someone in my company.

Our corporate communications group frequently takes photographs of
       employees, our retired employees and sometimes customers for use in
       such publications as the company newsletter.  In some cases, people
       are asked to sign a release and the document is then retained by the
       communications group.  Since they are not currently being stored in
       records management, we want to attempt to round them all up and
       perhaps keep them with photos that make it into the company

The questions that have come up are:  Does a signed release just cover the
       photograph on a single use basis?  Or, is the release valid for the
       life of the photograph because it is the intellectual property of
       the company and the picture could be used again at a later time?  If
       you are using signed releases, how long are you retaining them?

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has experience with this type of



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