I don't know about the rest of you, but the more I hear about the
potential for the Educational Foundation, the more I get excited about
it. The problem is, that there is a ton of potential, but very little
endowment to get the job done. As you may know, the Foundation is
running a "5/100" campaign right now to build the endowment. That means
that you contribute $100 a year over five years. If 2000 records
managers and information professionals committed to the campaign, that
would raise $1,000,000 in endowment. That campaign is meeting with
considerable success, but it needs more contributions from the
profession. So I'd like to suggest that you consider the Foundation
when planning your annual giving this year. If you need a tax
deduction, consider making the Foundation your beneficiary this year
and in subsequent years. The current campaign offers several easy ways
to make payments.

for more information on the Foundation see:

And if you're expecting a nice tax refund in the spring, consider
making a contribution then.

I'm in with a 5/100 pledge. Are you?

Patrick Cunningham, CRM

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