>>The other point I was raising was here we have the Government seeking
justice against the employees of Andersen, ENRON and a host of Financial
Services and Investment Firms for wrongdoing, namely the destruction of
records and/or failure to retain records in accordance with the law and then
"making magic happen" to allow this former FBI Agent to skate with a slap on
the hand.<<


If I recall this correctly, the individual directed someone to destroy their
copy but did retain the one he had.  Additionally, I think the individual
spent several months in prison.
Not exactly what I would call a slap on the hand.

The practice of returning basic rights of a citizen to felons is neither new
or uncommon.  Many are provided with that option as part of their sentence.
Others petition the parole and/or pardon board to have the rights returned.

What is unusual is for someone to go to jail for destroying documents.  As
far as I know, none of the officers or employees of the brokerage houses are
going to jail.  For that matter, I have not heard of any of them even losing
their jobs over the failure to keep possibly millions of documents.  I would
be very surprised if any Enron or Anderson employees were sentenced to jail
time for destruction of documents. (Note: I would not be surprised if some
were sentenced for fraud or conspiracy.)

>>(at the cost of taxpayers, like you and I)<<
Whose money will pay for all of those inflated energy billings that Enron
submitted to California?  I suspect that the cost to California taxpayers
for that will be hundreds of thousands of times higher than the pension
received by one disgraced FBI agent.


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