Aloha Everyone!

Sorry about the delayed response, but things travel slowly across the

I did want to relay my best wishes and Mahalos to Wayne Duncan for his
contributions to the Records Management profession and ARMA.  I've had the
pleasure/honor of speaking at the Heartland Conference over the years and to
visit the U. of Missouri Records Management facility and left totally
impressed...Wayne's contributions to the Central Missouri Chapter are
immeasurable and I'm sure he will be missed...

Wayne's legacy will carry on, as he has assembled a marvelous staff of
professionals...Congratulations to Cyndie!!!

Best wishes for a fun retirement Wayne!!!  Hope your fishing days are filled
with keepers...

Brian A. Moriki
Records Management Officer
First Hawaiian Bank
808-844-3494 (fax)
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Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 7:46 AM
Subject: Happy Holidays and Retirement

>                  I want to take this opportunity, before the Christmas "no
mail" sign off starts into full swing to wish everyone on the listserv
>                 A Happy Holiday Season and best wishes for the New Year.
> Having decided to take advantage of the University's early retirement
program, December 31, 2002, will be my last day at work. To my many friends
and acquaintances in the records management profession that I have networked
with and on occasion partied with over the last 34 years, and those on the
listserv who I have not met, I wish all of you the best for the future and
keep up the good fight.
> Just think, I will no longer have to explain what I do for a living as
everyone understands retired.
> I feel it happening already!!!! My mind has started regressing back to the
"days-of-old" when a record was a flat round piece of plastic with a hole in
the middle, a WORM was bait for catching fiche fish, a jacket was worn to
keep warm, a CAR was in every 16 year olds dream and a CD was something you
got at the bank if you had money to invest.
> For those of you that contact our office periodically, Cyndie Parks
[log in to unmask] will be taking my position effective January 1, 2003.
Cyndie has been in this department since 1990 in the capacity of a records
management analyst and forms manager. She is an active member of our ARMA
chapter, having served as seminar chair, board director, president and
immediate past president.
> Again, the best of luck for the future to all of you.
> Wayne
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