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Thank you very much - some good information.

Glad to know we're not the only ones doing this........

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> Greetings from Wonderful Wyoming,
> Just to throw my 2 cents into the mix. Dido on the previous posts. We are
doing a pilot project with both microfilm and imaging being accomplished at
the same time.  After a bumpy start the process seems to be working well
> But to the point at hand, we chose to use TIFF4 for the images; because it
is harder to modify an image created in that format; and because TIFF4 has
been around longer.
> If your organization has committed to PDF, like Virginia stated, make sure
you have written assurance from the vendor that the files will be
converted/migrated to "PDF a" when that becomes available. Be sure to
protect your PDF files by giving them "read only" rights. That way it will
be more difficult to change the file once created.
> When you are ready to migrate, be sure to retain a machine/server that
will be able to go back to the original program the images were created in
(just incase). Keep a good backup of the original program and images.  Prior
to the migrations, make sure the backup is thoroughly tested. Finally don't
destroy the backups until a thorough review of the migrated data proves the
migration was complete and without error.
> Regards,
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> My company has recently moved from roll microfilm to PDF format for some
> our records.  Users are now able to access the PDFs through a shared
> drive.  The plan is to move the files to our intranet, when it's ready.
> My concern is with the legality and reliability of this system.  As part
> our daily routine, a backup is made of the information and it's stored
> offsite.  These are permanent records and, although I'm assured that PDF
> 'here to stay' (anyone heard that line before?????) I have reservations
> about retrieval and storage over the long-term.
> Anyone have experience with such a system  --  from the user or
> administrator view  --  or any comments?
> Thanks a lot.
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