One point that Larry made, reminded me of why I joined this committee
in the first place. I had this idealistic thought that I would be
working with professionals on designing new ideas for protecting
records into the Standard. I had visions of talking over new records
center design ideas and some while back I even put a survey out with
this thought in mind. But all we have done for three years is try to
stop a few people from stripping protection out of the Standard and now
even want to have the whole Standard thrown out because it might  be
cause for them to spend money upgrading records centers in the future.
Or;  they would have to admit that they are not as secure as many in
the industry who have viewed the enhanced security as a way to
differentiate their business as a "records protection center" rather
than a bulk storage warehouse.

The leader in offsite records storage has failed to lead with even one
idea on how the Standard can actually protect records in an improved

So here is one New Year's resolution you can make and keep that will
make you feel good all year. If you don't want to send your answers to
the survey I posted then here is a short but effective way to make your
voice heard on this issue. Simply write one paragraph on what offsite
records storage should provide for your records. Send it to the people
below and tell them you want your voice heard before they decide the
fate of this Standard on the Protection of Records.

Tell them you want the lowest cost of storage and that is all that
Tell them you expect nothing from your offsite storage facility!
Tell them anything you want but...................

If you don't tell them now, it is over! You may never get the chance
again!  A big time lawyer is going to argue that the Standard is too
costly, or it should not exist at all and then a decision will be
made!! Then you will never get an opportunity to speak on this again.

Snip from Larry Medina:

> This block of voters
> has yet to bring forward ONE ITEM for the Committee to consider which
> is
> related to the "Protection of Records", which is what the Standard is
> titled.

Send a copy of your comment to Larry Medina <[log in to unmask]> as he is
on the Committee and  "Grant, Casey "<[log in to unmask]>

and to the folks listed below. If you are working towards your CRM or
you already have one then you owe it to the profession to have a voice
here. Don't be a lurker on this issue.

Let this be a resolution you make and keep.

Happy New Year