The 30 year requirement of 29 CFR part 1910 applies
only to medical records related to exposure to
specified chemical substances or other specified
hazardous exposures such as radiation in the workplace.

Medical records related to other work-related injuries
governed by workers comp laws are governed on a
state-by-state basis.  There is frequently no
explicitly designated retention period for them for the
employer, only for the workers' comp carrier or

Re personnel files, there is no federally mandated
retention period as such, nor do most states have them.
  For those that do, it varies on a state-by-state
basis.  Various documents that might make their way
into a personnel file -- payroll records, training
records, afffirmative action or FMLA records, etc., do
have retention periods, but these periods vary
considerably, and since there is no standard defined
record set associated with a personnel file, its
impossible to generalize.  It depends on what's in it.

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Lori Calovich wrote:

> 29 CFR 1910.20 requires retention of medical records for 30 years-does this
> include all medical records or only those who have had exposure or injury?
> Does this include Non-Hazardous exposure?  How long do you keep employee
> general medical records?
> Terminated employees personnel files-retention period?  The only thing I am
> finding is related to statute of limitations to file suit for back wages.
> Thanks for your help!
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