Hi Tina,
    My first post so by way of list introduction, I'm a records manager for
a general and engineering contracting firm, report to in-house counsel, and
had a former life as a litigation paralegal specializing in high volume
document cases.  I have been a "student of the list" for 5 years.
    A good source for training/seminars on electronic document discovery
might be your local or state bar association.  There are a number of
continuing legal education courses around the country that target exactly
this subject.
    Another good source are companies who specialize in computer forensic
services and target law firms clients.  There are two national firms that I
am aware of, both headquartered on the west coast.  Contact me off list if
you would like the names.
    My experience is that while the seminars are not laden with technical,
systems information, they are a wealth of information about how to conduct
electronic discovery and how respond to and limit the impact of electronic
document requests.  Much of the information can be extrapolated to determine
the vulnerabilities of your companies electronic infrastructure and record
management program.

Nancy Branden
Records Manager
Rudolph & Sletten
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> Has anyone attended training/seminars on Computer Forensics as related to
discovery/records management? When I checked Google, I found a flurry of
classes, but I am not sure which ones are worthwhile. I would appreciate
leads and comments.
> Thanks,
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