We have been storing microfiche for a client for approximately 5 years. They
have always requested that it be stored in a climate controlled environment,
which we have provided. The vault is also equipped with an FM-200 fire

Over the years the client's management has changed and they are now asking
us why they need to pay the higher costs for the climate controlled vault.
They destroy the microfiche after seven years.

It has always been my understanding that with a relatively short life there
is very little need for a climate controlled environment for microfiche.
However this information is highly critical to their operation. The cost for
storing in the vault is approximately double that of a standard heated area.
Like everyone else the client is trying to cut costs but they also do not
want to make a mistake.

I would appreciate input from anyone with experience that I could share with
our client.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Steve Westerfield
Benson Records Management Center
Omaha, NE

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