Have a look at this site here in Australia.

It may answer some of your questions.


Wayne Finlaison
Records Analyst Consultant
Brisbane Australia

 --- Kathy Hamilton <[log in to unmask]> wrote: > My
company has recently moved from roll microfilm to
> PDF format for some of
> our records.  Users are now able to access the PDFs
> through a shared network
> drive.  The plan is to move the files to our
> intranet, when it's ready.
> My concern is with the legality and reliability of
> this system.  As part of
> our daily routine, a backup is made of the
> information and it's stored
> offsite.  These are permanent records and, although
> I'm assured that PDF is
> 'here to stay' (anyone heard that line before?????)
> I have reservations
> about retrieval and storage over the long-term.
> Anyone have experience with such a system  --  from
> the user or
> administrator view  --  or any comments?
> Thanks a lot.
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