Good Friday to Everyone.

Reintroduction of myself.  I have been in the RM industry for over 20 years and have worked in the restaurant, aerospace, municipal government and now utility industry.  My company provides electricity and energy services to 423 communities in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

One of our employees attended a meeting and he mentioned that a lawyer has a new twist/interpretation on retention and destruction of records.

        "> I participated in a UARG meeting today and they had section
        > on criminal enforcement.  One of their attorneys reported on
        > a new twist to obstruction of justice offenses which targets
        > document destruction if the government speculatively thought
        > that it could have been used in its prosecution even if the
        > document was destroyed as part of a company document
        > retention policy and in absence of any notice of litigation
> or an active case.

I requested for any type of documentation but he could not provide any.  I was informed it was a discussion of "New Obstruction Offenses".

Wondering how the list feels about this "twist".  I personally feel it's outrageous.  My interpretation is that every company in the US or any company that has dealings in the US would have to keep everything indefinitely, which is out of the question.

Any thoughts?


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