The Council of State Historical Records Coordinators (COSHRC) maintains a page with links to the 50 state archives:  By sorting through the state sites, you will find a lot of information on retention schedules, how to write them, sample schedules, etc., etc.

Under "Michigan," you will find a link to "Local Government Records" - - which includes General Records Schedules for local government offices.

I sometimes find that New Hampshire's schedule isn't as detailed as I might like, and I have often referred to New York's retention schedules to help me "break down" the more general descriptions, in the NH state schedule, into sub-series:  (There are a number of "dead links" on the New York pages, though.  It seems that the website may be going through some revisions.)

You will also find that some states are much further ahead than others when it comes to retention schedules for electronic records.  Generally, when in doubt, I set the retention period for a record based on its "content" (e.g., tax warrant) rather than its format (e.g., paper, film, disk, etc.) when I lack direction for something like "electronic" records.  (Of course, that leads to issues of migration of data, but that's a whole 'nother topic.)

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Hello Everyone:
My name is Diana Peagler. I am the Records Coordinator for the City of Southfield, MI. I have been in the business of records management in both the private and public sectors.

My greatest interest right now is finding the statutes governing retention for local government documents and electronic records. One example is various types of contracts (construction, service, personal services, etc.). Also, I am designing an inventory form that I know the layout must be user friendly. If there is a tried and proven sample, I would be interested.

I am wondering if there are any municipalities that have done a comprehensive not general Record Retention Schedule.

Please respond to me off-line. By the way, happy holidays to everyone.

Diana Peagler
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