New York Times 12/17/02
Inquiry on Andersen Lawyer Urged by
House Committee

The Mercury News 12/17/02
Copyright verdict, new technology are reasons to

New York Times 12/17/02
Computer Programmer Faces U.S. Fraud
Charge in Virus Attack

Washington Post 12/17/02
Searching, Or Just Surfing?
By Cindy Skrzycki
Long gone are the days when a job applicant actually showed up in a company's 
employment office to fill out an application. With the growth of the 
Internet, you're more likely to shoot off an electronic résumé to several 
companies, in hopes of finding the right job at one of them.
Research done in 2001 on Internet job hunting showed that more than 18 
million people annually post their résumés on, an electronic 
job-search service, and 90 percent of the Fortune 500 use some kind of online 

Demys 12/18/02

Washington Post 12/18/02
U.S. Clears Russian Tech Firm In E-Book Copyright Case

The Guardian 12/18/02
Internet libel laws 'stifling
freedom of expression',12123,862044,00.html

Wall Street Journal 12/18/02
Director Sues Iron Mountain Saying Firm Plotted His Ruin
Iron Mountain Inc. Director J. Peter Pierce sued the company and its top 
executives, charging them with conspiring to financially ruin him. The 
lawsuit, part of an unusual and rancorous dispute between a director and the 
company he oversees, alleges that Iron Mountain retaliated against Mr. Pierce 
on the erroneous belief that he helped to start up a competitor to which he 
gave Iron Mountain's trade secrets. Iron Mountain is a leader in the storage 
of hard-copy corporate records.,,SB1040166108663175633,00.html?,,SB1018307470217658400,00.html?,,SB1000778212678095520,00.html?,,SB96173955664267468,00.html?

The Wall Street Journal 12/18/02
Refinancing Boom Pressures The Obscure Title Industry
A Lucrative Business Feels a Push To Lower Fees, Speed Up Processing 
In a musty basement storeroom of the Nassau County Office Building in 
Mineola, N.Y., Robert DeFreitas pores over property transactions in one of 
the thousands of old green books stacked horizontally on shelves about seven 
feet high. It seems like a scene from a century ago, but it's still a 
lucrative corner of the 21st-century housing business: title insurance.,,SB1040166365529101913,00.html?

CBS 2 Chicago 12/19/02
Feds Say Ryan Knew Documents were Being Shredded,0,1947320.story?c


New York Times 12/19/02
Mounting an Online Posse

Omaha World-Herald 12/21/02
Abortion foe charged in clinic infiltration
LINCOLN - The abortion battle in Nebraska took a bizarre twist Friday when an 
anti-abortion leader was charged with intercepting e-mail and voice mail at 
Planned Parenthood offices.
u_brow=Internet+Explorer&u_ver=5 12/21/02

State Destroys Evidence In TennCare Lawsuit

This week, a federal judge ordered the state to stop

removing people from TennCare and to reinstate

those who have been kicked off the plan, but that’s

not the only problem the agency is having.

TennCare employees have been shredding

documents and destroying evidence in another

TennCare related lawsuit.

Peter A. Kurilecz CRM, CA

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Richmond, Va