San Antonion Express-News 12/04/02
Birth, death records move to a roomier office

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 12/10/02
Work on open records law hits snag
Lobbying group objects to provisions in bill

Dallas Morning News 12/12/02
AG wants bigger open-records staff


St. Petersburg Times 12/15/02
Treasure Island's new deputy clerk on the job
Jennifer Nye edged out 269 other applicants for the position that handles 
most of the city clerk's record-keeping duties.

Newszap! 12/16/02
Delaware Justice Dept. declines to rule on FOIA complaint

Information Week 12/16/02
Feds Sped Approval Of Key Internet Change  12/16/02
All eyes on Total Info Awareness

Dallas Morning News 12/16/02
The Public Eye: Abbott has right attitude to sunshine law


York Daily Record 12/16/02
Sorry, chiefs, too late to join open records fight

Phoenixville News 12/17/02
Additions made to open records policy
CHARLESTOWN - Obtaining public records in the township should be easier 
thanks to the passage of Act 100, an amendment to the open records law.

Green Bay Press-Gazette 12/17/02

De Pere School Board members’ e-mails will be saved

Washington Post 12/17/02

President Signs Legislation To Create Digital Government

Washington Post 12/17/02

E-Gov Law Sets Up Clash Over White House Outsourcing Plan

Orlando Sentinel 12/17/02

Clerk's rule stirs debate in Orange

By Anthony Colarossi

Attempting to comply with a Florida Supreme Court order, Orange County Clerk 
Lydia Gardner is requiring everyone who asks for a public record to provide 
specific details about the documents in writing. 

Forms for the public-records requests, which were first distributed early 
last week, also ask for the requestor's signature, but Gardner's office said 
Monday that no one is being required to attach a name to a public-records 


Government Technology 12/17/02

Governing Informatics

When digital government becomes digital governance.

The Herald-Dispatch 12/17/02

City annex in bad shape

Deteriorating building used for storage has become target of vandals over 
last two


Government Technology 12/17/02

Information Overload

Technology helps manage a mountain of information in D.C. sniper case. 12/17/02

Lack Of Planning, Oversight Blamed For Millions In State IT Losses 

By BOB LEWIS Associated Press Writer 

(AP) - A lack of planning, oversight and funding for state government 
information technology projects costs Virginia tens of millions of dollars in 
project failures and cost overruns, according to a legislative report 
released Monday. A study of 15 major state computer systems projects by the 
Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission found that some of the failed 
projects were launched lacking a clear

vision of functions the system would perform. The failures cost the state $75 

The Globe and Mail 12/18/02
Court battle brewing over release of 1906 Western census


Rocky Mountain News 12/18/02
Spy files lacked consistent rules
Depositions indicate Denver cops didn't have clear policies,1299,DRMN_15_1617135,00.html 12/18/02
Bush OKs law to put government information online

Reno Gazette-Journal 12/19/02
Douglas retirees take 47 years of experience with them

eWeek 12/19/02
E-Gov Law to Promote Cyber-Collaboration
By Caron Carlson
President Bush signed into law the "E-Government Act of 2002" Monday, 
establishing a framework for information security standards and programs, and 
codifying the federal government's commitment to delivering its services 
The act was crafted to improve information services management and promote
collaboration of IT projects among the myriad federal agencies. It creates an 
Office of E-Government within the White House Office of Management and 
Budget, designed to encourage an atmosphere of accountability with regard to 
online government services. Additionally, it establishes a board that will 
select technologies to promote collaboration and a program to assess and 
finance emerging anti-terrorism technologies.,3959,794660,00.asp

Giles Citizen-Press 12/19/02
Records Commission to be reactivated
In addressing its courthouse space and records storage problem, Giles County 
is reactivating its County Records Commission, according to Giles County 
Executive Janet Vanzant.

Lawrence Journal-World 12/19/02

Governor-elect denies access to transition panels' reports

SearchDay 12/19/02

+ Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

by Marylaine Block, Guest Writer

More than any other country, the U.S. government has used the web to make a 

of information available to its citizens. But as we are now discovering, the 
dark side of web-based information is the ease with which it can be deleted.

Government-sponsored (which is to say, taxpayer-funded) information and 
research is

disappearing from government web sites, much of it in the name of national 

New York Times 12/21/02

Going Electronic, Denver Reveals Long-Term Surveillance


DENVER, Dec. 14 — The Denver police have gathered information on unsuspecting 
local activists since the 1950's, secretly storing what they learned on 
simple index cards in a huge cabinet at police headquarters.

When the cabinet filled up recently, the police thought they had an easy 

For $45,000, they bought a powerful computer program from a company called 
Orion Scientific Systems. Information on 3,400 people and groups was 
transferred to software that stores, searches and categorizes the data.

Washington Post 12/22/02

Judge Rules Against City Leaders' E-Mail Deliberations

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