The Baytown Sun 11/20/02

Readers can access Sun articles on Web site

By Allyson Gonzalez

BAYTOWN — The Baytown Sun just made it easier to access articles from 1931 to 

The Sun’s Web site — — now features a link to Sterling 

Library’s online index of articles from Baytown’s newspapers, including The 

Tribune, The Daily Sun and The Baytown Sun.

Orange County Register 11/24/02

The disarming of a bogus scholar

Historian Michael Bellisles' claim that few early Americans owned guns struck 
a chord with Second Amendment haters. But then others checked his 'facts.'

Lansing State Journal 11/24/02
Book chronicles life in East Lansing
Publication includes 200 photos dating to the early 1900s

Orange County Register 11/24/02
Letting genealogy out of the bottle
Lecture on colonial-era Guadalajara interests group tracing family histories.

The Mercury News 11/24/02

History sleuths discover S.J.'s longlost mayors

By Janice Rombeck

Mercury News

Nearly a year ago, District 4 Councilman Chuck Reed issued a reward to 
historians, students, teachers and anyone else with an interest in the past 
to find the ``missing mayors'' of San Jose.

Washington Post 11/25/02

Ann Landers' Fans Buy Auction Items

By Karen Gaudette

Associated Press Writer

SAN FRANCISCO –– Fans of celebrated advice columnist Ann Landers paid nearly

$250,000 to snag her desk, combat boots, antique furniture and letters at an 
auction of some of the late syndicated writer's belongings.

Margo Howard, daughter of Landers, said with no room to store all the 
treasures her mother collected over the years in her 16-room Chicago 
apartment, Sunday's auction was both a practical solution and a way to share 

Los Angeles Time 11/25/02

Librarians Emerging From Book Stacks, Increasing Activism,0,3369889.story?null

The Halifax Herald 11/25/02

Just scrap it!

Scrapbooking's not what it used to be. A refined art of preserving photos and 
mementoes, it's fun, it's popular and it's an addiction


Canadian Press 11/25/02

Sunset Boulevard ready for its close-up

Wilder classic restored by Paramount Pictures


Boston Globe 11/26/02

Eugenicists used Shutesbury in study on

sterilization idea


Sydney Morning Herald 11/26/02

Goggle-eyed over Google

econtent 11/27/02

changing channels: The Importance of Identifying

The Best Content Distribution Channels

The Independent 11/27/02

Lunatic fringe

New York Times 11/28/02

Cranberry Relished and Google Fights

New York Times 11/28/02

Telling All Online: It's a Man's World

(Isn't It?)

New York Times 11/28/02

From Bare Bones to Multimedia: Options

for Beginners

LOGS are multiplying every day because they are easy to create: type some

text, hit the Publish button, and voilà, your words have been posted on your

own Web page for all to read.

But to get to that moment, you need to choose software, and that can raise 

questions. Do you want a free product, or are you willing to pay a fee? Do you

have your own Web-site host service, or do you need blog software that 
includes a

host? Do you want to post images? Have searchable entries? Publish by e-mail?

New York Times 11/28/02

A Word of the Day Keeps Banality at Bay

Montreal Gazette 11/29/02

Fire menaces art treasures

Flames hit new museum archives. Curators must assess effect

on stored works but firefighters hope major damage averted


Montreal Gazette 11/30/02

Warehoused art works survive fire

Damage restricted to archival papers. Blaze delays operations

at centre housing collections of more than a dozen museums


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