Middletown Press 11/26/02

History’s forgotten details

By JOHN ZORABEDIAN, Middletown Press Staff November 26, 2002

PORTLAND -- Dig into the ground and the rock and soil will tell a

history of the earth. Dig into the records of Portland’s Brownstone

industry, and you will find a history of its people.

The Kingston Whig-Standard 11/26/02
Fort Henry gains another historic painting

Washington Post 11/26/02
The Treasure in the Senate Subbasement
First Pay List Saved From Trash
By David Montgomery
Last Tuesday, as the Senate passed the homeland security bill, two staffers 
were several floors below, poking around amid the mice and the dust in a 
Capitol subbasement.
Surely the intrepid staffers must have known that it's always in obscure, 
creepy spaces where fantastic discoveries are made.
And hadn't construction workers told the staffers, Clare Amoruso and Douglas 
Connolly, that anything not removed from this subterranean warren by Thursday 
would be dumped and lost forever? Great saves are always made in the nick of 

NEPA News 11/27/02
Allentown Hospital history on display in photos and artifacts

Knoxville News-Sentinel 11/26/02

UT gets presidential librarian

By J.J. Stambaugh,

The head of the nation's presidential library archives has been tapped to 
lead the University of Tennessee's Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public 

Alan C. Lowe, director of operations for the Office of Presidential Libraries 
in the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, will become 
executive director of the new think tank in January.,1406,KNS_347_1571805,00.html

The Winchester Star 11/27/02

Fairfax — and More

BERRYVILLE — For the better part of the last three weeks, or ever since I 
decided to delve into the life of Thomas Lord Fairfax, I had wanted to view 
the Fairfax

memorabilia on display at the Clarke County Historical Association.

Washington Post 11/27/02

In a Dusty Vault, An Abundance of Lee Family Relics

Trunks Discovered in Alexandria Bank

By Linda Wheeler

More than 80 years after the death of Mary Custis Lee, eldest and most 

daughter of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, two steamer trunks full of her 
papers and travel souvenirs have been found in an Alexandria bank vault.

The wooden trunks -- containing family letters, photographs, clippings of her 
father's obituary, strands of hair collected from royalty on European trips 
rarely taken by other single women of her era -- came to light after an 
inquiry from a descendant.

The Mercury News 11/28/02



Wired News 11/27/02

Archive: Fresh Spam for Everyone

By Justin Jaffe 

Is your spouse dissatisfied with the size of your spam? A brand-new website 
has made several hundred thousand pieces of unsolicited commercial e-mail 
available for you to download today. Act now!

After a quiet online debut last week, the Spam Archive is making quick 
strides toward becoming the largest public library of junk e-mail on the 

Evening Advertiser 11/28/02

Brunel's files reveal legacy

A unique collection of documents featuring the work of Isambard Kingdom

Brunel ­ the man credited with putting Swindon on the map ­ is being unveiled 

The thousands of documents cover the 130 year history of Brunel's Great 
Western Railway and its successor BR Western Region. 

The handing over of the documents to the Wiltshire and Swin-don Record Office 
at Trowbridge coincides with Brunel being chosen as the second greatest 
Briton in a national television poll.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 11/28/02

A life spent tracking big tops

Fruits of an avid circus historian's labor to go to Baraboo museum archive

CBC North 11/28/02

Nunavut, N.W.T. agree on heritage split

YELLOWKNIFE - Some of Nunavut's cultural heritage is going home. 

The governments of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories reached an agreement 
yesterday in Yellowknife to divide the collection at the Prince of Wales 
Northern Heritage Centre. 

It took over three years of negotiations, since the creation of Nunavut, to 
settle on dividing up the massive collection of artifacts and archives.

Central Western Daily 11/28/02

War service book.

Evening News 24 11/28/02
Historic Pathe newsreels return

The Patriot Ledger 11/28/02

Historical society keeps alive memory of Lawson

estate; ‘Copper King' regarded as savior of Scituate

after disastrous hurricane

Denver Post 11/29/02

Black-focused library


Denver facility to open April 26

By Cindy Brovsky

Friday, November 29, 2002 - Details are emerging about the first library in 
the nation that highlights the experience of African-Americans in the Western 
United States.

The $16 million African American Research Library, part of the Denver Public 
Library system, is scheduled to open April 26 at 2445 Welton St. The 
40,000-square-foot building includes a full-size library on the first floor 
that will replace the Five Points Library Branch; a research library on the 
second floor with  unprecedented access to historic documents; and a museum 
on the third floor

with numerous displays.,1413,36%257E53%257E1019435%257E,00.html

The Town Talk 11/29/02

Original La. Purchase documents come to Louisiana

Robert Morgan

BATON ROUGE - A set of the Louisiana Purchase documents, one of three original

sets, has been brought to the Old State Capitol for a six-month display as 
part of the 200th anniversary celebration of the agreement.

Pioneer Press 11/29/02

Wellstone's record is readied for posterity


Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON — One photograph, one amendment, one speech at a time, the record 
of U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone's 12 years in office is quietly being boxed up 
and shipped back to Minnesota.

The Kingston Whig-Standard 11/29/02

Martin comes face to face with father at Queen’s

New York Times 11/30/02

In Harvard Papers, a Dark Corner of the College's Past


AMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 29 — About six months ago Amit R. Paley, a writer for 
The Harvard Crimson, was researching an article he thought fairly mundane 
when, combing a list of the university archives' holdings, he was stunned to 
see an entry for "Secret Court Files, 1920."

That short reference eventually led Mr. Paley to 500 pages of documents

describing an episode more than 80 years ago in which the Harvard 

methodically harassed a number of young men for being gay, on suspicion of 

gay or simply for associating with gays. Nine of those victimized — one 

and eight students — were ousted from the college and essentially run out of 

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