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I am a graduate student studying the stability of social network structure.
I'm curious to know if there are any references that relate individual
measures of centrality (betweenness, degree, closeness, etc.) to the
overall stability of a social network.

For example, the person with the highest betweenness centrality is located
on the most geodesics between other people in the network. If that person
were removed from the network, what effects would that have on average path
length of the network, connectedness, reachability, etc. Does anyone know
if any references exist on examples such as this one? Thanks, Matt

Matthew J. Dombroski, PhD Student

Carnegie Mellon Univerisity
Dept. of Engineering and Public Policy
Computational Analysis of Social and
        Organizational Systems


2130 Wightman St. Apt. 19
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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