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        I have a quick question about Stocnet and P2 models.  I have been
simulating some network data using random draws from a P1 distribution (with
random sender and receiver effects) described in Lazega and van Duijn
(1997) - Social Networks. I've been trying to see if Stocnet can recover the
parameters of the random draw, but the program seems to crash when the
number of nodes get to be near 100. What happen is that I get the iteration
window, and then a dialog box appears. It reads,

p2.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to
restart the program.

and then another reads:

cannot open file ex100.out

It seems to work fine with smaller problems.

I have checked the data and haven't seen any problems. Is this a known
problem? Anybody else run into this problem? Any advise?


Sam Field

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