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To INSNA members:

Martin's term as President of INSNA is up, and the offices of Vice-President
and Treasurer are vacant, so it is time for elections.

The first step is to obtain nominations. If you are an INSNA member and
would like to suggest someone (including yourself), please send an email by
midnight January 5, 2003 to any member of the nominating committee, which
consists of:

Russ Bernard ([log in to unmask])
Steve Borgatti (Chair, [log in to unmask])
Frans Stokman ([log in to unmask])
Barry Wellman ([log in to unmask])

Please specify which position (Pres., VP, or Treasurer) you wish the person
to be nominated for. A brief description of job responsibilities is given in
the bylaws of the organization

The bylaws state that electoral candidates are selected by the nominating
committee or by a minimum of 15 members in good standing. In other words,
starting Jan 6th, the nominating committee will review all suggestions and
select a set of candidates. In addition, if a person is nominated by 15 or
more INSNA members, they are automatically added to the ballot. Hence, to
guarantee your spot on the ballot, you should ask 14 of your most
influenceable ego-network alters to (separately) propose your name.

Please note that nominators and nominees must be INSNA members, and that
only INSNA members may vote. If you are not yet a member of INSNA, there is
still time to sign up. Visit or email Bill
Richards ([log in to unmask]) for information.

We expect the electronic election to be held January 13th through 20th.
Please direct any questions to me at [log in to unmask]


P.S. What was that deadline for nominations again? Jan 5th. Who can
participate? INSNA members only.

Steve Borgatti, PhD Director
Organization Studies Department
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
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