A better example is here... this should handle any number of fields and
insert a non-breaking space on fields with nothing in them, so as to
preserve table alignments.

Just paste it into a file on your shell, chmod +x the file, and run it.

This is again assuming the file is spreadsheet.txt (which can be easily
changed, last line.

Hope this is useful to somebody.

---- snip ----

awk '
        print "<TABLE>"

        printf "<TR>";
        split($0, temp, "\t")
        for (field in temp)
                if (length(field) == 0)
                        printf "<TD>&nbsp;</TD>"
                } else {
                        printf "<TD>%s</TD>", field
        print "</TR>"

        print "</TABLE>"
' spreadsheet.txt > output.html

---- end snip ----

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On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Kristiina Butler wrote:

> I need to import Excel spread sheets into the web and would like to find a way to do it
> without having all the extra tags, style sheets and other junk on the page.
> Any advice?
> Kristiina Butler
> OIT - Network Services
> 392-2061