Mindy McAdams wrote:
> It's not as simple as Randy outlined in Dreamweaver MX or Dreamweaver
> UltraDev. Since you're writing to an HTML table, the only way to go down
> column 1 and then back up to the top of column 2 would be -- I think --
> to write the dataset out to an array, then parse it and read it into the
> table in normal HTML order, which would be:
> 1   2   3
> 4   5   6
> 7   8   9
> Mindy McAdams
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Yes, I think my method would have to be done in straight ASP.  But I
think she indicated she was comfortable coding that way.

Maybe it's because I have a VB background, but I prefer to do anything
even a little complex in VBscript rather than relying on a tool like
Dreamweaver (though I use and like Dreamweaver for site management).

And for those things that VB really sucks at, PERL works really well!

Randy S.