It's not as simple as Randy outlined in Dreamweaver MX or Dreamweaver
UltraDev. Since you're writing to an HTML table, the only way to go down
column 1 and then back up to the top of column 2 would be -- I think --
to write the dataset out to an array, then parse it and read it into the
table in normal HTML order, which would be:

1   2   3
4   5   6
7   8   9

Mindy McAdams
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>May I contribute an on topic question?
>Does any one know of a Dreamweaver ultra developer extension to
>vertically loop a recordset? I'd like to display a Recordset in a table

>with three columns, so that the Recordset looks something like this:
>1 6 11
>2 7 12
>3 8 13
>4 9 14
>5 10 15
>I can loop my recordset horizontally and of course repeat it straight
>down, but not vertically. I write ASP code fairly well so if there's a
>bit of ASP that I could manipulate I'd be happy to have it.
Rachel, I don't think this should be that hard to do.  Let's assume you
have m rows and n columns:

1) retrieve your recordset
2) print the first record in the first row, first column
3) advance your curser m records
4) print out the next record in the next column
5) repeat 3 and 4 n-1 times
6) return curser to beginning of recordset
7) advance number of records equal to the number of  the row you are on
8) print next record
9) repeat 3 and 4 n-1 times
10) repeat 7-9 until you are at the end of your recordset.

Randy S.