If you graduated or will not enroll for the summer term, please disregard.
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TO:  Graduate Students
cc:  Department Chairs, Graduate Coordinators, and Administrative Staff

RE:  If you are graduating in Summer 2003

Many faculty are on 9-month appointments and use the summer term to conduct
research away from campus. If you are intending to graduate this term,
please begin now to contact your committee members and schedule your
thesis/dissertation defense or nonthesis final examination. Students who are
unable to meet submission deadlines should expect to graduate in the Fall

Additionally, please be aware that there is only one degree certification
for the summer term, which will occur on August 12.  For students that
cleared prior for summer or finish department degree requirements after
Summer A,  the Graduate School can provide a Letter of Certification that
many employers and licensure boards will accept-- but check with them first.
Some employers and licensure boards require the degree statement on the
transcript and that will not be available until about three days after
certification.  All requests for a letter must be submitted prior to two
weeks before the end of the term.

FINAL TERM PROCEDURES are detailed online at Please review
this information carefully.

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