TO: Graduate Students
FROM: Diane Craig, UF Directory Project
RE: New UFID number and Gator 1 Card

UFID Numbers Mailed to All Students this Week

You will receive your new UFID number in the mail this week.  This new
eight-digit student ID number will replace your Social Security number as
the primary way to identify you in university records. You may also obtain
your UFID number on the Web at
Please memorize or keep this number handy beginning Tuesday, January 21,

Also available on January 21 is a new, self-service application called
Gatordex that allows you to update your own contact information (e.g.,
address, phone number) on-line. The information you enter is real-time and
will go into a new central directory, eliminating the need to contact
individual offices around campus with such changes. You will be required to
enter a GatorLink ID and password to access Gatordex.

To learn more about the UFID number or update your Gatordex profile
(beginning January 21), visit our Web site at


New Gator 1 Cards Needed by April 1

If you have not obtained a new Gator 1 Card, you should do so by April 1 to
ensure continued access to libraries, computer labs, vending, Gator Dining,
student rec centers, etc.-- anywhere you currently use your Gator 1 Card.
Replacement cards are free if you bring your current Gator 1 Card for
exchange. To find re-carding locations near you, visit the ID Card Services'
Web site at If you need to purchase a Gator 1
Card ($10.00), you must go to the ID Card Services' main office at the SE
entrance of The HUB.

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