To:     Graduate Students
CC:     Administrative Staff, Graduate Coordinators

Subject: Deadline TODAY--Students Attempting to Clear Prior for Fall 2003

Students seeking to clear prior* so as not to register for their final term
in Fall 2003 must have all relevant materials submitted to the Graduate
School no later than 5:00 p.m. TODAY, August 22, 2003. Students on a
fellowship or assistantship in their final term must maintain the
appropriate registration for the appointment regardless of the "need" for

*Cleared Prior
Students exempt from final term registration must meet all of the following
conditions before the start of the first day of classes [August 25, 2003]:
1. Correctly registered in the preceding term [Summer 2003].
2. Completed all degree requirements, including final submission of the
dissertation, thesis, or project and the final examination report.
3. Submitted the final examination form for the nonthesis degree
4. Cleared all incompletes or other unresolved grades.
5. Filed degree application with Office of the University Registrar

A letter of certification stating that the degree will be awarded pending
the vote of the college faculty can be prepared by the Graduate School, if
requested by the student prior to the last two weeks of the term.
Certification request forms are available at and outside 106
Grinter Hall. A letter of certification is a courtesy to the student and
must be requested prior to the last two weeks of the term; it is not a
requirement for graduation.

Please note that although you may have fulfilled department requirements,
you have not been awarded your degree until the Graduate School certifies
the degree to the University Registrar. That is done at the end of Fall term
for all students who applied to graduate. The Graduate School can provide a
Letter of Certification that many employers and licensure boards will
accept, but check with them first. Some employers and licensure boards
require the degree statement on the transcript and that will not be
available until about three days after certification in December.  Check
your Graduate Student Handbook for critical dates at

Gann Enholm
Coordinator, Office of Graduate Student Records and Certifications
Research and Graduate Programs
University of Florida
103 Grinter Hall
Gainesville, Fl. 32611
(352)846-2756 FAX
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